In the middle of august every year, my hometown Göteborg is hosing a cultural festival during almost a week. I love this city festival and the way it brings people out to enjoy the city, cultural experiences and creates new meeting points. This year I took notice of something new in the park Trädgårdsföreningen. This little cute caravan called "The Care Van". They were selling nicecream, tortillas and some drinks from their little truck 

The company is driven as a social entreprise where the earned money goes to social projects. The people working in the van is volunteers and they collaborate with food stores to take care of eg. discarded fruit to make something nice of it (like nicecream :-)). 

AND the caravan is SO cute and creates a really cosy, retro and stylish atmosphere which is just the cream on the top! :-) 

Look out for The Care Van next summer while in Göteborg!