Earlier this year I discovered cork for the first time as a material. A recently started family-company selling bags and shoes in Göteborg were at the same fary as me and introduced me to all the benefits with producing things of cork. 

Cork is a hardwearing material from the cork oak tree. The bark of the cork oak tree can be almost entirely stripped each harvest without harming the tree, which regenerates itself. It is therefore a sustainable material too use, and ofcouse also because there are no animals involved. Portugal is the land that produces the largest amout of naturalcork.
The mateiral looks and feels very much like leather and can be used for similar purposes. It is slowly coming cork-products to the Swedish market so I encourage you to look it up next time you're in need for new mobile or computer-cases, shoes or a bag. 
One company I can warmly recomend is Espaco. They are not only using a sustainable material but also supports abuser and homeless people in Portugal with their company. They give some of the profit to an organization working for the outcasts and it is also people with this background who are making the products for the company. That means that every pieace is unique and contributes to their rehabillitaion to get their lives back. I love this kind of companies that really wants to make a change in their society and use their business in that way. Thats what we sould support as consumers! 

The beautiful logo of Espaco at one of their products. 


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