Unfortunatly I have not been blogging as much as I wish I had this spring, mostly because of a very busy schedule and much in my mind as I was writing my bachelor thesis. Restarting my studies on masters level this week may not give me that much time to blog either.. But I would very much like to keep this blog floating for whoever who is intrested in the subjects I am writing about; sustainability, consciousness lifestiles, fair trade, culture, democracy, craftivism and activism. So my goal is to post at least once a week during the year. 

To open up the blog even more I have decided to blog in english from now on. That gives more people the opportunity to read and it also gives me a reason to practice my writing in english :-)

I am also thinging about to write more things regarding my field of studies as I am starting the new masters program in culture and democracy at the University of Gothenburg this semester. I am very excited for all the new things I will learn and the new thoughts the litterature, lectures and seminars will bring up in me and I thing that blogging about it is one of the best way to process my new knowledge, and at the same time share it and discuss it with others. So please feel welcome to join me in discussions and comments, and don't hesitate to share if you have a subject you would like to read about on the blog.

Let's get this new season starting! 
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